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More Tweating

I posted last week about the various ways that Twitter can help you find recipes and food bargains, and the Twittery goodness keeps coming in. Today I read about a Canadian woman who is tweeting entire recipes in her Twitter feed.  For example:

Butterscotch Pudding: mix.5c packed brwnsug/3T cornstrch/dash salt; +1.5c milk/.5c cream. Boil/whisk1m; +2T buttr/T whisky/t vanil. Chill2h.

The perfect service for fans of home baking and cryptic word puzzles!  You can follow her feed at

Tweet What You Eat appears to be quite popular for people who want to keep food diaries.  I’ve heard positive things about how a food diary helps you eat healtheir, by making you conscious of every food choice that you make. I’d be wary though, it seems to skirt dangerously close to so many destructive impulses: obsessive-compulsive tendencies, eating disorders, and excessive navel-gazing.  You do get to enjoy being nosy though, and finding people who appear to have eaten nothing all day except for a ‘Dr Pepper float’.  Blerg.

[Via Jezebel]

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