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Win a wine and cheese day at Sour Grapes

sour-grapes-logoOur plonkeur buddy Lar Veale is currently giving away a wine and cheese tasting evening on his Sour Grapes blog.  If you’re like me, and find that wine and food have become inextricable partners, and that you can’t fully enjoy one without the other, this would be the perfect competition for you.  I’m going to enter as well, I see no reason not to hasten the inevitable onset of gout.


  1. As long as you eat enough food to soak up the wine, and drink enough wine to lubricate the food, you’ll be alright! Thanks for entering guys and double-thanks for the blog post

  2. So wine and food cancel each other out, leaving you perfectly healthy? I like this theory very, very much. 🙂

  3. Actually, there is some “truth” in this, known as the French paradox