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€3 Lunch Deal at Soup Dragon, Dublin

soup-dragon-e3-lunchBig thanks to our reader Declan who tipped us off to a great lunch deal in Soup Dragon on Capel Street.  They are currently offering any small vegetarian soup with bread and a piece of fruit for only €3.  I went down there to try it out last Thursday, and the soup was well worth the soaking that I got on the way back.  I got their tasty Chilli Bean soup, and it came with a very generous helping of three different kinds of bread, and I was able to take away a nice shiny apple as well.

This is not only one of the best lunch deals we’ve seen here yet, it’s also a pretty healthy option.  I hereby recommend the holy crap out of it.

Soup Dragon is at 168 Capel Street, Dublin 1.


  1. if you ask them you can get a plain toasted bagel instead of the bread. i like to get a bananna and then have a bananna sandwich/bagel and a soup. delightful.

  2. The price of soup in Dublin continues to amaze me considering it’s so, so, SO cheap to make. This is a nice little deal.

  3. that is some offer!! I would say they are making 0 on that. It’s not the fact that soup is cheap to make, it’s the bloody cost of making it! Still waiting for all these costs to come down, no sign yet!! Paulo Tullio talked a bit about this in Saturday’s Indo in his review about Tenners! Unbelievable value!! Amazed at how they can do it!

  4. That sounds like a great offer – do anyone know if it runs on Saturdays too? Just had a look at their site and they seem to have a good range of options.

  5. Yeah it runs on saturday. I go there all the time, soups are always great. They’re also doing all takeaway coffees for €2, which is pretty awesome value as well.

  6. Is this offer still running?