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Foodies’ guilty pleasures in the Indo

The Indo has a feature today on guilty pleasure food.  They’ve asked a number of food writers, chefs and two of our favourite food bloggers: Donal of Good Mood Food and Val of Val’s Kitchen.

Donal flies the flag for bacon fries and waffles:

Nothing can satisfy my craving for junk food more than Bacon Fries: they are crunchy, salty, highly calorific and never fail to hit the spot. My other weakness is a little dish I came up with when I was a kid and it seems to have stayed with me: take one nice golden potato waffle, place three crispy fish fingers uniformly lined up on top, drench with Heinz tomato ketchup, and top with another waffle. There you have it — the Waffle Fish Finger sandwich. A classic!

I had Bacon Fries in the pub last night for the first time in ages: they are incredible. Donal is so wise.  And Val, like many of us, is a sucker for a doner kebab:

I have considered selling my soul for a sausage roll, or a peanut butter Chunky Kit Kat. My guiltiest pleasure has to be having a doner kebab any time, day or night.

I have been known to drive to a certain kebab place in Limerick, dressed up to the nines and wait in line for my take away. The more chilli sauce and the messier it is, the better.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?


  1. I don’t think I have anything I’d class as a guilty pleasure (mainly because I reckon food is there to be enjoyed), but one of my favourite comfort teas that makes me feel six years old again is potato waffles with a mound of spaghetti – from a tin, of course – and loads of grated cheese. Not hugely nourishing, but delicious simplicity.

    And kebabs. There’s always room for kebabs.

  2. Fried eggs and chips. There is absolutely nothing better.

  3. My fave is rashers, eggs (poached), toasted white bread (squishy type) and butter. I nice cup os very strong coffee rounds it off.

  4. I agree Aidan. No place for guilt in food, comfort tea is definitely a better name for it. I like sausage sandwiches, with mayonnaise and wholegrain mustard and a cup of really hot tea. Oh no…I’ve just realised I’m at the vulnerable, hungry, suggestible stage of the evening and will now have to make exactly that for dinner or I’ll be miserable. 🙂

  5. Baked beans, creamy mashed potato, loads of butter, salt and pepper.

  6. Sausage, beans and home-made chips…to die for!

  7. I would certainly suggest anything potatoey onto which you can pile butter and cheese. Gratin topped w/ caramelised onions, crispy bacon and loads of cheese is probably my worst, you could just sit down w/ the dish and a big fork…

  8. Fried eggs and chips. There is absolutely nothing better.

  9. sausage, beans and proper chips – from a greasy spoon or truckers cafe. mmm

  10. Heinz Macaroni Cheese in a Can.

    So yellow, it has to be good for you.

  11. Mashed potato it is…with butter, cheese, sometimes fried onions, sweetcorn, a fried egg on top….salivating….

  12. oh oh – i almost forgot cheesecake…i so rarely allow myself it – sometimes i make out that a bad day has been waaay worse so that i can indulge!

  13. doritos, salsa, and grated cheddar on top popped in the microwave – I feel NO guilt:)