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Lunchtime Work Offers

photoLast week, our reader Sinead sent us in this picture, asking: “Could it be a record? More importantly – would you eat one?”

We’ve written before about Londis in Sandyford Industrial  Estate; their offers change every week. Is this offer indeed a record, or have any readers spotted cheaper in other delis or convenience stores around Ireland?


  1. This offer has been on for ages and changes every week. And you guys are meant to be on top of all this? LOL

    They even have done a chicken fillet roll for €1.77!

  2. Hi Mike. As I said, it is last week’s offer. I also said in this post that the offer does change every week.

    I also made it quite clear in the previous post that the offer changes every week, has been on for ages and, as you remind us, that they have even done a chicken roll for €1.77:

    We don’t have the resources to work full time on this site or cover every offer in Ireland. So, as per this post, we often put up posts asking our readers if they have seen examples of good value in Ireland. Thanks for your comment.

  3. You’re doing a great job Peter (and team), and I for one am hugely appreciative. I check into the site pretty much every day now. Thank you.