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New Tesco layouts favour UK brands

tescoirelandAccording to today’s Irish Times, those bowsies at Tesco have rearranged some of their stores to give less shelf space to Irish brands.  No big surprises there, we’re all aware of Tesco’s plans to cut costs by using fewer Irish suppliers.  However, you may be surprised to find out how much it’s already impacting on your favourite brands:

Supplies of one of the country’s leading brands, Barry’s tea, ran out in the Douglas stores two hours after the new planogram was adopted, according to trade sources. The store is located just 10 minutes’ drive from the family tea firm’s headquarters in Cork.

It is understood the company initially refused to restock the Douglas store with tea, in protest at the reduced visibility of its product, but relented.

It seems that Tesco is so powerful that protests by suppliers are hopeless: a depressing thought. However, will you continue to shop at Tesco if you can’t get your Barry’s tea?


  1. I don’t like Barry’s tea, but I’m very upset that suppliers have no choice but give up their protest because Tesco is so powerful. This isn’t right, it’s called a lobby, and to my knowledge it is not permitted in this economy. There is also the fact that high prices are not always due to “overpaid” suppliers. Think of milk, for instance. Or lamb. Producers do not receive much for these, but we, customers, are overcharged by the supermarkets. And it’s not only Tesco. I remember an article on spring lamb sales at Easter: supermarkets were pocketing nearly 400% margins on the price of meat.

  2. No, after my first and last foray in to this new Tesco in Douglas, I will not crossing their threshold again. I have even returned my loyalty card giving their UK bias as the reason. I highly recommend everyone take a trip to this store. The products on the shelves are completely alien to the Irish market; pease pudding anyone?

  3. I for one have reduced significantly – not boycotted totally – my shopping at Tesco as a result of their treatment of irish suppliers

  4. I’ve boycotted Tesco also, though for me it was on the cards for a while now: I can never find all I need in their shops and I think they’re expensive, but the reduced-stocking of Irish goods is the nail in the coffin for me.

    Not that it’ll make a difference though 🙁

  5. I’m also boycotting Tesco – not sure how long I’ll keep up the complete boycott but I certainly intend to significantly reduce my shopping there.

    My reason – a desire to support Irish suppliers and farmers.

    From a discussion at a girlie dinner over the weekend, we all had our different reasons, but we’re all cutting back on Tesco.

  6. I’ve been boycotting Tesco for over a year now. I simply hate them. I work for a big supplier and they completely screwed us over the past year. Hence, the boycott. Anyway, even before that I disliked Tesco, horrible lighting, no prices, out of stock…