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The grottiest fast food?

onion-kfcI think most of us will agree that fast food can be delicious and satisfying in the right place at the right time. Such as Rick’s Burgers on Dame St in Dublin, at 3am after a scatter of pints.  However, there is some fast food that makes the skin crawl, which no amount of pints will improve.

For me, KFC is one of the worst offenders.  The food is so unbelievably greasy, and the chips are rubbish (an unforgiveable crime for a fast food restaurant).  On the few times that I’ve eaten it, I’ve felt like I needed a shower immediately afterwards. That’s why this headline in The Onion really made me laugh: KFC No Longer Permitted To Use Word ‘Eat’ In Advertisements.

Does anyone else feel the same about KFC?  Or is it a different outlet that gives you the creeps?  Which is your fast food horror, and why?

kfc-famous-bowlBy the way, any fellow KFC-avoiders might also like this piece by comedian Patton Oswalt about KFC’s epically disgusting Famous Bowl, which is just a huge microwaved bowl of slop.  It’s only available in the US, for obvious reasons.


  1. I am proud to say I have never eaten a KFC. What they do to the chickens is unspeakable cruel. For me it has to be chilli fries in Abrakebabra. There could literally be anything in that chilli and how old is it?

    Speaking of Ricks, has anyone had “super chips” from Chicken Hut in Limerick? Ohhhhh!

  2. Chilli fries…mmmmm…..

  3. sweet chilli fries…mmmmm indeed…

  4. Another vote for the ‘special’ gravy chips in the Chicken Hut in Limerick. I didn’t believe until I tasted last Christmas. I believe… i believe

  5. Yeah I read that article in the Onion too and it made me laugh…its so true! Last time I stepped into a KFC it was simply to use the “facilities” and by god, they were disgusting. The toilets looked they had never been cleaned and quite frankly were indescribable-I wont go into the gories here. I turned on my heel and left the establishment never to return.

    If that’s what the jacks are like can you imagine there being a higher standard of hygiene in the kitchen? Probably not…..nuff said.

  6. I am proud to say I have never eaten a KFC (2)! I feel sick to to get a snif when driving near one…

  7. Sadly, while beef and broccoli in oyster sauce is one of my favourite chinese dishes, so few takeaways here (D15) do it well. It tends to be grey meat swimming in sauce with the odd bit of broccoli.

  8. I ate at KFC once, and only had coleslaw and a Coke. I couldn’t finish it, it was oversweet for some reasons. I got sick afterwards, and woved never ever to set a foot in there again…. I’m not great with fast food, maybe because the meat tastes cheap and fries are usually disappointing. But I simply love fish and chips at Burdock’s. Artery clogging and sinfully delicious

  9. I never ever get “beef” in a chinese. No particular reason, it just turns my stomach.

  10. I have eaten at KFC a few times, had the twister and quite liked it

  11. Supermacs chicken is even worse than KFC – if that’s possible. But I do love the Taco Fries in Abrakebabra! And because of this story I’m now going to be having them for lunch!

  12. By God, I know it’s very, very wrong, and I’m a complete hypocrite because I only ever buy free range or organic chicken, but I have a secret penchant for KFC. It’s so hateful. I go there about once a year, eat chicken entirely with my face, enjoy every bite, and then feel very shaky for the rest of the day. Then I hugely regret it and swear I’ll never do it again. One year later…
    By God, I know it’s very, very wrong, and I’m a complete hypocrite because…

  13. I swore off McDonald’s a long time ago.

    But last year, traveling through China with two kids under 3, we broke down.

    We marched up and ordered a big, greasy meal for the whole family. And….it was AMAZING. I never “got” McDonald’s before, but it can be a lifesaver.

    And, the hamburgers are so bad they’re good.

  14. Thanks to one of your previous posts regarding Nandos opening in Dundrum, I will not be eating chicken from any other fast food joint.

  15. I flippin love KFC.

  16. The smell coming from KFC in Dundrum on Friday turned my stomach…and I was in HMV!

  17. I know must people hear hate KFC, but i used to love it. live beside the one at Blanchardstown shopping center and used to go in on my way home from work at 11.15 closing time being 11.30
    Would ask for a chicken buger and chips and the amount of free stuff they would give me was unreal,as they wher about to close so if your broke head for kfc at 11pm,

    And has any one every tryed the chuck wagon on the old airport rd, unreal