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  1. I’ve been to Brownes a couple of times hoping that it will get better, but I always leave with a twinge of disappointment. Last time I went for breakfast, and my eggs benedict with smoked salmon (which could be great) had luke warm eggs, cold salmon, cold english muffin and cold hollandaise. The ingredients were great quality, but the excuse I got was that the chef ‘forgot’ to put the dish under the grill, and no offer of a new dish or a discount. Try Dunne & Crecenzi around the corner – much better food and much better value.

  2. As a Sandymount local I no longer go to Brownes due to too many disappointments. They always start the dinner ‘ specials’ with a list of menu items they don’t have, the chicken, the burger …. It’s unreliable to say the least. Also there is very little vegetarian options. As a tea drinker, their green tea comes in a tea bag (limited selection and no loose leaf)in a horrible big stainless steel teapot and tastes like a cup of hot water. Brownes needs to up the ante, it’s got far too complacent as it has a captive market. It rarely changes or improves its menu, shows no since of innovation and is being left behind.