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When Good Crap Goes Bad



A few months ago, I commented:

I note with regret that Dunnes have discontinued their 2 for €4.50 deal on their fresh lasagna range; they’re now €2.99 each. I don’t eat much ready meals but, weirdly, these are the best ready made lasagnas on the market.

We spoke about guilty pleasures a few weeks back. This was mine. Now, not only has the lasagna jumped in price, but they’ve rapidly detoriorated in quality.

I bought two recently, both with separate sell-by dates. Wow. For something so bland, they’re really vile. Not subjectively vile, but inedibly vile. The cheese seems gooey and even a bit curdled. So awful I assumed it must have been a bad batch and bought another one. It was the same. Avoid!

This whole deflating experience was a bit like when something declares it has a “new, improved taste.” Whether it’s a Milky Way or a packet of KP Skips, you just know they’re going to ruin it. Why oh why, I scream rather dramatically while whirling around in a circle tearing at my hair, can’t they just LEAVE OUR FOOD ALONE? Especially our favourite junk foods, as though you can or should improve on wonderfully delicious crap.

Anyway, over to you: What foods have manufacturers ruined for you?


  1. Oh god, Milky Ways used to be lovely… I have fond memories of jacob’s original choc mallows too, how tasty they were. Now they’ve changed the mallow bit and it’s pants.

    See also: creme eggs and tangle twisters.

  2. It’s not quite a flavour issue, but why have they made Loop-the-loops so tiny? Why??

    A few years ago they changed the white stuff on the twister ice lollies- they quickly had to change it back. It was disgusting! And were people complaining about the original white stuff? I don’t think so!

  3. every summer when I buy a Twister they seem to get smaller and smaller, and I know it’s not me getting taller and taller…..rubbish!

  4. Well, that’s a side effect of recession…if they can’t rise prices they will spend less making them in order to raise profits….

  5. It seems all my favourites from childhood (which would have been happily carried into adulthood) have changed. Cadbury Caramel, Crunchie & Curly Wurly were always my faves in the selection box. Has anyone noticed the caramel in a Cadbury’s Caramel has changed? It used to be the yummiest pure caramel, now it seems thinner & darker, almost like a small amount of chocolate has been run through the caramel mix or something. Very upsetting, why change something that IMO was just perfect!! I miss putting them in the fridge or freezer, pine, pine!!

  6. Oh don’t get me started on this.. I’m still lamenting the change from Opal Fruits to Starburst, why oh why did they have to merge Lemon and Lime to become Lemon&Lime, and introduce Blackcurrant as the 4th flavour… I used to buy a packet every day on my way home from school just to eat the green and yellow ones.. 🙁

  7. I agree, blackcurrant Starburst are hateful. And they did ruin ChocMallows.