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M&S Italian Meal Deal

ms-italian-425Marks and Spencer are currently offering the ingredients for an Italian meal for €4.25.  You can get 500g of pasta, a jar of sauce and some nice-looking garlic ciabatta.

I’m not a big fan of pre-made pasta sauces, I find the homemade stuff is nicer and really cheap to put together – but the M&S version may be worth trying, particularly on those nights where you’re too whacked to make your own sauce.  It’s a good price as this will easily feed 3-4 people.

It’s also nice to see that they’re including wholemeal pasta with this offer: wholemeal pasta can often be hard to find.


  1. had a look at this on sat as i was killing time … it looks good, however as you said the homemade is als better.

    I think the sambo+crisps/fruit + drink= €4 lunchtime deal in M&S at the moment is good. the sambo choices are decent enough and i like that there is a fruit option.

  2. Ooh, M&S are in my bad books today. Saw an ad for their lunch deal in the paper and it’s jumped up in price from €2.75 to €4! The deal is exactly the same except that they’re now offering a choice of fruit or crisps, rather than just crisps. I’m all for adding healthy options to offers but is offering a choice a good reason to increase the price that much?!

  3. I never have a problem finding wholewheat pasta. Dunnes always stock it.

  4. Heh, SJ, only saw your comment after I posted. I agree that €4 is still a good price for the lunch deal, I’m just annoyed they increased it so much from the original offer.

  5. choco – oh! i had never noticed the original offer! thats not good. was the range of sambos/drinks the same before ?

    do they think their loyal and regular customers can’t add ??

  6. I think they improved the range of sandwiches on offer, hence the jump in price.