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Review: The Hop House, Parnell St

hophouse1My good friend David and I had a big slap-up feed in the Hop House last week: we felt we richly deserved to pig out after going for a very strenuous 30-second swim in the Forty Foot.  By the time we got back into town we were starving and invigorated from the swim, which is the perfect state of mind for enjoying spicy Japanese and Korean food.

The Hop House is a bar and restaurant on Parnell St that has a very extensive menu of Japanese and Korean dishes.  There’s a wide range of sushi on offer as well as the hot dishes.

We had a starter of good spicy chicken wings (€8.90) and a small helping of tuna maki (€5).  I’ve shamefully forgotten the names of our main courses, but they were both from the Korean section of the menu, and cost around €14.    David’s was stir-fried Korean pork and vegetables, and mine was a soft tofu stew.  The pork was the winner and I kicked myself for ordering the tofu – there was nothing wrong with the way it was prepared, it’s just that I find the slippery texture of soft tofu becomes a bit off-putting in large quantities.  The broth that it came in was spicy and flavoursome.  Both of our mains came with side dishes of kimchi and vegetables.

We also had a pitcher of beer from the adjoining bar (hence the forgetfulness).  I’ll definitely go back to check out the Hop House again, and try some of their Japanese dishes.  Overall the value is good: not as cheap as some of the other Asian places in the same neighbourhood (such as the excellent Alilang just a little further down Parnell St) but cheaper than the older Japanese restaurants such as Yamamori.  Our food came to around €40 for two mains and two starters.   The interior is attractive and the service is really good: I would recommend trying it out.


  1. Absolute best in town is the Hilan on Capel Street. It does Korean BBQ as well as Chinese and is excellent value to boot.

  2. Hop House is my favourite Korean place in Dublin. The decor is a bit on the modest side, but I like the food.

    Love the Dak Galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken in a chilli sauce). Pop in between 12-5pm and you’ll get it at €8.90 instead of dinner-priced €13.90 (that comes with some extra veggies) after 5pm.

  3. ah!so good to see a review on Hop House/Kimchi restaurant..I was there 2-3 weeks back on a Fri evening…dishes we ordered..
    1. I ordered spicy broth too, but with seafood instead of tofu, I agree it’s very tasty..but, I wasn’t served with any cold dish as big portioned as yours, only a small plate of kimchi..
    2. My partner A ordered Bulgoggi (Pan fried beef marinated in sweet soya sauce), this portion comes with rice and a plate of cold dishes as displayed on ur entry..
    3. A starter called Crunch Roll which is a cranked up version of maki with tempura prawns and veg.. a tad pricey for this dish, almost the same as above main courses…
    Hope you find these info a help in your future visit..

  4. The first time we visited the Hop House with my husband for lunch, we gorged on sushis and when they gave us the bill we thought they had forgot to charge us for something: it was very cheap compared to most sushi places. We went back several time over the years, I tasted a bit of everything on the menu, some dishes are better than others but I love the food, the prices and the service there. They even have bells on the tables if you need to call the waitress!

  5. Ate here for the first time a few weeks ago and were very impressed. My bi bim bap was excellent served in a raging hot stone bowl so the rice got nice a toasty. Very tasty chili Korean sauce. The banchan (sides) were nice, too, but I guess it’s too much to expect more than three? I’m used to being served eight or nine small bowls of different things with free refills on any of them. I think our favorite thing though may have been the white kimchi starter. Not spicy like the regular kimchi, but you can taste more of the cabbage. We’ll definitely go back.

  6. Get a phone number that works!