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Shopping at CheepCheep

cheep-cheep13We wrote about CheepCheep here a few weeks ago. It’s Ireland’s first “click and collect” warehouse; customers select their (non-perishable only) groceries online and collect them from the premises in Bray, Co. Wicklow. It’s a bit like a Cash and Carry for domestic users, and its prices live up to its name. The product range has expanded from 200 to 270 items; small but very, very useful. Hopefully they’ll expand it out further.

I was browsing through the site to write about it on CheapEats, and ended up buying a few items online, only going and saving myself a small fortune. This and every week, there’s up to 70 special offers on its already cheap prices, as well as a selection of 99c deals. Even its ordinary prices are quite astonishing, including:

  • 6 cans of 7-Up: €1.82 [€3.59 in Tesco]
  • Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo (300ml) – €1.35 [€2.75 in Dunnes]
  • Bunulan Organic Spaghetti (500g) – €1.07 [€1.64 in Tesco]

Products work out even cheaper again if you buy in bulk. Every week, CheepCheep has three “Hot Buys.” This week, they are:

  • 4 x  Organic Company 3pack Apple Juice (200ml) – RRP €10.76; is normally sold at Cheep Cheep for €5.96, special offer price €2.43 (save €8.33)
  • 4 x Organic Company 3pack Orange Juice (200ml) – RRP €10.76, is normally sold at CheepCheep for €5.96, special offer price €2.43 (save €8.33)
  • 24 Pepsi Max3330ml cans – RRP €13.00, is normally sold at CheepCheep for €9, special offer price €6.99 (save €6.01)

And so on with excellent value. Delighted with my new find and expect that CheepCheep will become very popular. Could this be cheaper than the German discounters, and have any of our readers shopped here? What was your experience of CheepCheep?

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  1. oooh, this sounds great. I’ve been trying to find cash and carries (and similiar) who’ll sell to the general public. And it saves having to trek up the North 🙂