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Special Offer at Tesco

tescoirelandThis week at Tesco, you can pick up Tesco Finest Strawberries (227g) and 250ml of cream for €2.50 – a saving of €4.04. The offer is valid until Sunday June 28 and applies in “the majority of Tesco stores.”

Tesco have begun to roll-out their price-cutting beyond border stores. Customers in Galway city and county, five Mayo towns, and one in Bettystown, Co. Meath, can avail of lower prices. But why is the rest of the country still waiting?

Readers, let us know if you spot any other good offers there this week!


  1. Tesco Clare Hall have started displaying more British products. The shelves have completely changed. However, the prices haven’t yet. I went there on Saturday to see what it was really like. I must say I’ve mixed feelings about this: on one hand, I despise Tesco’s policy regarding Irish producers. I am no fan of Barry’s tea or Taytoo crisps, but I support the Irish economy. On the other hand, they now have a much wider choice, with products that I could only source from specialists shops before, like baking flours (granary, mixed grains, strong wholemeal….) and various types of yeasts, tinned vegetables (palm tree hearts, petits pois and carrots, creamed corn….), Gu and Artisan chocolates….
    I’ve decided to keep shopping at Dunnes for my main weekly shopping and go to Tesco for items that I won’t find at Dunnes. But may be it’s time for Dunnes and Superquinn to start stocking a wider choice too?

  2. Our tesco is closed today and tomorrow to roll out new prices, they’ve brought in a lot more products that we didn’t have before and while I’d prefer to buy Irish I think that the selection is now much better and they’ll draw the customer for that reason!

  3. Tesco has removed many of the known brands from its shelves – I shop in Tesco in Mahon Point and I was looking for Flash cleaning liquid. Tesco had lots of brands that I never heard of especially one called ‘Daisy’. I was not taking a chance on it! As Flash is not an Irish brand (as far as I know) I am wondering why they took it off the shelves?
    Its fine for Tesco to say they are changing brands as the new brands are cheaper but I am not prepared to home test these brands for them -they will have to do a harder selling job if they want me to buy these unknown brands!

  4. I bought these Strawberries yesterday, tasted one just after I left Tesco, by the time I got home they were gone!! so tasty and juicy! not at all watery! now i have cream and no strawberries! ill have to buy more!