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From Chicken to Cheese: Offers for Everybody

chick kingOn one of my rare trips to Dublin the other day, I was struck by the amount of offers out there. Fast food outlets, food shops, supermarkets, high-end restaurants: they’re everywhere.

Chick King‘s new branch, just opened on South Anne St. beside La Cave, has a Mini Chicken Fillet Sandwich Meal for €4.95. Every Tuesday, there’s a particularly good deal at Chick King: buy one two piece meal and get one free. Anyone tried this place yet?

Burger King‘s very heavily advertised Recession Buster continues: the Double Cheeseburger King Deal comes with a small fries and small drink for €3.50. Less effort on the part of McDonald’s, where they best they can muster is a Double Cheeseburger – which will not even begin to fill you up – for €2. Meh.

sheridansAlso on South Anne St., even Sheridan’s Cheesemongers have a meal deal for two: Duck Confit (2 legs), gnocchi or any pasta, 200g of Basil Pesto and a bottle of Cotes du Roussillon La Sarda for €25. I’ll put my hands up and say I don’t knw very much about wine or duck legs, so I don’t really know if this is a particularly good deal. Readers, can you enlighten me?


  1. Haven’t gotten there myself…but have heard good things…

  2. Sorry, referring to Chick King, of course!

  3. Isnt there a chick king in Limerick too? Are they a chain?