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Special Offers at Centra

centraThere’s a good deal on this week in convenience store Centra, where you can pick up three Centra Pork Loin Chops and two Centra beef burgers for €3.99. Also at Centra, you’ll find some more hot buys, including:

  • Centra Peach/ Nectarine Punnet – was €2.99, now €1.49
  • Lily O’Brien 8 Chocolate Collection (90g) – was €4.99, now €2.49

You’ll find full details of the offers, which expire on Saturday June 27, by clicking here. I’m often in Centra because I live in Co. Wicklow and it’s the only shop around. Convenience stores are by their very nature more expensive than supermarkets, so you’re still unlikely to do your weekly shopping there. Still, some of these offers are worth a look if, like me, you find yourself nipping into Centra now and again.

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