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  1. I’ve eaten there a few times. Pretty fresh sushi alright. Plus I like the lack of novelty conveyor belt bollix. The sushi stays put in a fridge like a well-behaved child in maths class. No rainbow coloured everything and little kittens waving at you from every corner. From my many trips to Yo Sushi and Aya for some raw fish, I was beginning to think that Timothy Leary had a part to play in the interior decor of Japanese restaurants. Sushi King proves otherwise.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Sushi King on Baggot street for years, and it’s good to see the place expanding. They’re opening shortly on Camden Street!

  3. Love Sushi King on Baggot Street and can’t wait for it to open on Camden Street (could be a while though apparently – bureacracy….) They do some great bargains occasionally too!

  4. recently went back to sushi king on dawson street after a few months break and really saw a change for the better the staff were excellent and very helpful, the sake was perfect as was the fresh crispy tempura and tyhe selection of main courses were excellent a nd the bang bang chicken was trully tasty
    will and have been back more than once since