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Review: Bobo’s, Wexford St

bobos-burgerThe gourmet burger madness continues.  I had to get a quick bite before a gig the other night but felt like something a bit more substantial than fast food. I thought I’d nip in to Bobo’s on Wexford St to try their burger and compare it against the depressing fish finger burger that Peter had there a while back.

I had a cheese burger (€8) with a, in swift hindsight, unnecessary side of chips (€4).  Bobo’s is a bit cheaper than most of the other gourmet burger places – the burgers are around the €9 mark instead of the €12 mark.  However there’s a reason for this: the beef, while ok, is not quite as good as the beef you get in the slightly more expensive places.

bobos-chipsMy chips, which resembled chipper chips except with the skin still on, had to be sent back as they weren’t quite cooked. I got fresh nice ones without any hassle, however, the service in Bobo’s is good.

Overall I think Bobo’s is a decent option if you want something a bit nicer than a fast food burger.  The diner style decor is nice, there’s a lot of choice  on the menu, the service is good and it’s affordable.  Just stay away from the fish finger burger.


  1. I’m not a huge fan of Bobo’s. The room can be quite cold in winter and they deliberately don’t add salt to the beef patties. This means that once you take away all the flavours, the patties themselves are fairly bland. Meat loves salt, and it needs to be cooked into the the meat.

  2. Meat needs salt? What kind of a thing is that to say?