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Special Offers at Fresh

fresh-camden-stWe’ve written here about Fresh supermarket before, a supermarket with decidedly high, convenience-store style prices.

However, they do have some decent specials on, including:

  • Lyons Green Label Teabags (80s) – half price – reduced from €2.90 to €1.45
  • Mangoes – 99c (I spotted a mango in Fallon and Byrne the other day for the ri.dic.u.lous price of €2.50)
  • Fillet steaks – half price – reduced from €34.99 to €17.99 per kg)

And some not-so-decent specials, such as round Steak Mince – reduced from €10 per kg to €4.99 per kg. Let’s see. One kg of mince in Dunnes: €5. One kg of mince in Tesco: €5.59. Remember, just because something is on special offer, doesn’t mean it’s actually good value!

Fresh are also offering €10 off groceries when you spend €50. I still think Fresh is vastly overpriced but, as Jean points out, if you’re very careful shopping there and only buy things on special offer, this offer might be useful. Maybe.

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