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Marks and Spencer Takeaways

M&S logoTwo years ago – back when everybody except me ate gold for breakfast – takeaways were just another dinner choice, whatever day of the week. But now, I reckon people see them more as a treat; when you factor in your main meal, plus rice or naan, it can easily work out at €12 for one person’s dinner.

Up in the wilds of Wicklow, there is no Indian take-away. The closest we have is Roundwood’s local chipper, the Village Takeaway. It’s just about ok: for emergencies only. But last weekend, after a very boozy night in Dublin and in the middle of a big house move, cooking from scratch was not an option.

Marks and Spencer to the rescue! One quick stop in the Frascati centre and €10.99 later, we had a delicious Indian Takeaway for two. The Mild and Spicy takeaway included a Chicken Korma, Vegetable Curry, and a Lamb dish, as well as naan bread and rice. I did have a bit of a moan about the small size of the naan breads, but there turned out to be plenty of food for two. For €10.99, I reckon this is a bargain.

This isn’t the most earth-shatteringly amazing Indian food you’ll ever eat, but it’s still very good and I enjoyed every last morsel. It had great flavours and a good mix of items, while I also got the satisfaction of value for money: €5.50 per person for a big, delicious Indian feast is very good indeed. Indeed, I think this takeaway is a great value alternative to the Meal Deal for Two (€12.50), which is only available every other weekend.

M&S’s Indian offering is streets ahead of Tesco’s similar takeaway, or anything else I’ve found in other Irish supermarkets. I’m also a big fan of their Thai Takeaway for two.


  1. I don’t understand why Indian takeaway food is so expensive in comparison to Chinese. You can get a nice chinese for approx €7 including rice whereas an Indian can be €8-10, before rice!

  2. Must gie it a try. i am a big fan of M&S. They currnetly have 3 serano hams packs for €7 – a real bargain.

  3. Agreed. It’s not the greatest Indian food you’ll ever eat, but I prefer it to any of my local takeaways. Not bad value either.

  4. This is reall nice, they a thai one that’s not too shabby either!