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Quick and cheap curries in Dublin city

curry-epicurean02I found myself needing to eat something quick in town two days last week.  Being strapped for time and fond of curries, I thought I’d try both times for something quick from a food court. Food courts used to mean a few depressing fast food stands (KFC, some weird baked potato place) circled around some plastic tables.  While these food courts still exist in some shopping centres and airports, there are also much better options available.

Dublin has a great one on the corner of Liffey St and Abbey St – the Epicurean Food Hall, which has a great range of cuisines.  I got a Thai curry from the large Asian stand that takes up nearly an entire wall of the hall, and which serves Indian, Chinese and Thai food.  I didn’t have high expectations of the red vegetable curry that I ordered – it was only €6.90 – but it was suprisingly good.  The sauce didn’t have the delicate flavours of really good Thai cooking, but it was perfectly decent, with a good chilli kick.  Best of all, it was crammed full of fresh vegetables, cooked properly with a good crunchy bite.  It wasn’t padded out with loads of chopped onion, a sneaky trick that some cheap takeaways use.  The giant helping of rice cost an extra €1.25, making it €8.15 in total for a big hearty meal.

curry-moorestMy other Dublin food court curry was from the Curry King in the Moore St Mall, an underground shopping centre accessible from Moore St and Parnell St.    Curry King does Indian and Mauritian food, and I had a chicken balti for €7.  The curry was heated up in the microwave, which made my expectations drop slightly, but it turned out to be pretty tasty for only €7.

It came with rice (no extra charge) and an excellently tasty helping of vegetables in a mustard seed sauce.  The vegetables were the winner, in fact, and I’m going to have to figure out how to make them at home.  The Moore St Mall is well worth checking out for curry fans – it’s got a number of interesting stands, including a Mauritian one that our own Rercy reviewed here before.


  1. There is an indian in south william street where at lucnhtime i think for €5.99 you can have a one main course lunch
    so its even better valuw than this and its served to you !

  2. The Madina on Mary St is DELICIOUS and so reasonable. A curry, a dal, one rice and one naan filled two hungry people for E22. Can’t beat it!

  3. Is Nasamte in Smithfield still open? Id walk fire to get one of their tikkas.

  4. Nasamte is indeed open Claire. I passed by it last week, have heard amazing things about that takeaway. You’ll also find excellent curries and middle Eastern food at The Golden Olive, Clonskeagh Mosque.

  5. there is an indian on baggot st , the name escapes me at present even though i go there all the time – they have a lunch special of €7.50 which includes a main and tea/coffee .. its really tasty and great value (its opposite cafe boulevard and near tesco) ..

  6. Nasamtes’ peshwari naan is amazing, slobber.

  7. I ate at the Golden Olive in Clonskeagh Mosque about a month ago and the food was really dire. It tasted like it had come out of a packet or tin; in fact I think we saw the packets in the shop afterwards.

  8. the indian with 5.95 main course at lunch is maloti. I saw it today on south william street

  9. I know bombay pantry and doing some great curry meal deals for about €8. Get it into you!

  10. Madina on Mary st. is amazing!! you can get a main meal with rice for just under €10!! also may i recommend the Dosa there…it is so tasty an filling!

  11. For the past two Saturdays we have had lunch in Spicy Bite in Moore Street Mall. All you can eat for €6.50.
    It is excellent Indian food. We had 2 meals each two cokes each and a mint tea and naan bread all for under €20 for 2. It is a buffet style so you can pick and choose whatever you like with out being restricted to one particular set meal. the food is cooked ongoing through the day and is served up fresh all the time and the bread is cooked fresh all day too. The service is excellent, it is always busy. Highly recommended.

  12. Spicy Bite in Moore Street Mall, I go there at least twice a week, its the best buffet in Dublin €6-50 for all you can eat, all food cooked fresh right in front of you, try it

  13. hi every body try the SPICY BITE the best indian food in dublin all you can eat only in €6-50 its on moore street in moore plaza belive me you will not regrat

  14. The Golden Olive Restaurant at the ICCI, in Clonskeag serves great quality food. Every time I visited, I really enjoyed the experience, the home cooked freshness was amazing.

    It’s worth a try, I enjoyed the Arabic food, Tomatoe Meat Balls curry & Spinache dish served with Rice. A full menu costs around Euro 7-8.
    Fridays, there is a special menu & can be busy.:)