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This Week’s Special Offers

happy-shoppingWe’re on holidays this week folks. Jean’s gone to Barcelona, while I’ve just begun a leg of the Camino de Santiago walk in North Spain before heading over to spend a week in the Basque country. Speaking of which, I’ll probably be checking this site occasionally – if anyone has any restaurant recommendations for San Sebastian or Bilbao, please let me know.

Fret not in our absence, we’ll throw you bargain crumbs to keep you going, and there will still be posts appearing on CheapEats this week.

Anyway, as I’m not around to check the bargains myself this Monday, here’s all the links you’ll need:

  • Click here for Aldi specials
  • Click here for Dunnes Stores specials
  • Click here for Lidl specials
  • Click here for SuperValu specials and then click on the “Special Offers” link
  • Click here for Tesco specials

Superquinn have a new set of offers coming up from Wednesday, which we’ll post on the day itself. Happy shopping!


  1. Holidays? Theres a recession you know!

  2. Claire, that’s why Peter is walking! He can’t afford to fly to Santiago 🙂

  3. The sit-down restaurant in the Guggenheim is excellent (or at least, it was) and quite affordable. Enjoy the hols.