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Where have Fat Frogs gone?!


Nearly, but not quite

On some hot days a simple icepop is all you want – one or two flavours of water ice, preferably in a bright colour that stains your tongue.  No chocolate or vanilla icecream or biscuity bits, just some frozen water and chemicals please.

JRs were the best icepop of all time, with a delicious flavour that is best described as ‘red’ and an entrancing colour scheme – purple and orange and red bleeding into each other in a psychedelic fashion.  If JRs were a rock star, they’d be Jimi Hendrix.  JRs disappeared a long time ago, and I’ve more or less come to terms with my loss.

However I’m still grieving for Fat Frogs, which have suddenly disappeared completely.  Why? Why? They were popular, right? They used to be advertised on the telly and everything!  They were perfectly delicious and refreshing, and as my genius friend Tara discovered, very good for hangovers.

Now there appears to be nothing to cater to the frozen-flavoured-water fan.  Calippos are too artificial, and Soleros are poncy and expensive.  I’ll be lynched for saying this, as everyone seems to love them, but I find Twisters a bit wrong…lime and vanilla, while separately two of my favourite flavours, have no business being together.  Loop the Loops are ok but the thin coating of cheap chocolate takes away from the purity of the water ice.

Is there anything out there? Do any supermarkets have good icepop multipacks?  I’m becoming desperate here.

By the way, if any of you feel like recreating the magical flavour of the JR, some of my resourceful colleagues invented a magic potion that gets very close indeed. Go to a bar, buy red wine and an orange Bacardi Breezer, mix them together and voila! A JR.  And the worst hangover headache of all time.


  1. Fat Frogs used to dye my braces green! I thought they made a comeback not so long ago. I got 4 Rowntree ice lollys for €2 in Tesco on Tuesday. No chocolate, no ice-cream, just water and lots of chemicals I’d imagine 🙂

  2. Sparklers are another option – they used to be 12p!! Now I think you can only get them in boxes at the supermarket, or perhaps in sone newsagent fridges, pear, cola, orange – all pretty yum! Also what were those long tubes…..oh yea – Mr.Freeze!! They had (have?) every flavour & colour under the sun!! Also Milky-Moos?? – the milk flavour lolly that now also comes in pink & brown, strawberry & chocolate I would presume…….

  3. never mind sparklers, what about their even cheaper predecessor, The Chilly Willy – 6p back when I were a nipper.

    Thanks for posting the Fat Frog ad btw, real blast from the past.

  4. Lidl do big boxes of Lemon and Orange lollies in the freezer section, there are around 24 bars in there so last for ages too

  5. I use to love Robin Hood ice lollies especially the raspberry one its next to impossible to get just a plain ice lolly any more..

  6. It’s harder to get cheap-type ice creams in shops these days. They sell magnums and other premium ice-creams when in reality people want fat frogs and other cheap and cheerful types.

  7. supersplits are the best for hangovers .. fat frogs were great though i used have one after my lunch in college .. loved them.. miss them 🙁 maybe we could start a facebook campaign to bring them back ? it worked for Wispa.

  8. Ya those fat frogs were really refreshing. BRING THEM BACK!!!!

  9. i need fat frogs!!!!! omfg!!! u dont no how mad my friends go wen i sai “ohhh i need a fat frog!!!” their all like ahhh caoimhe y did u hav 2 bring it up? like every time i go into a shop i look in the frezzer to c them and their not there the next time they come out im gonna literaly buy 30 packets ov them i reaaalllyyy want them to come bak!!!! i sooo think that we should start a facebook campainge!!! it will work!!! who makes them anyway? also we shud write an email 2 who eva makes them!!! xxx