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  1. There is something wrong about the word cheap and sushi in the same sentence. But I reckon that M & S would qualify for the cheapest. Again not the best, but you get what you pay for. Personally I would prefer to eat from a chain like Sushiking or YoSushi as they would have a much bigger turn around.

  2. Laine .. I agree .. cheap raw fish seems a bit weird to me!!
    Love sushiking on baggot st … wasn’t as mad about yosushi the twice i tried it ..

  3. Theres a little place accross from the Longstone pub that does 8 pieces for €5.50, or at least there was, its been closed the last few days due to problems with the electricity supply 🙁

  4. Cheap + Sushi = Bad idea!

    While I applaud the premise of this website I think it’s rediculous to be promoting the cheapest of all items, certain things demand a level of freshness and quality that dont’ come cheap.

    Cheap sushi, cheap steak tartare etc.. are things the world can do without IMHO.

  5. Calm down everyone! I agree that you should look for quality above all else in certain things, but I think people overestimate the cost of sushi – by far the largest ingredient in a box such as the one above is white rice. Cucumber also features heavily. There are only little slivers of fish involved.

    Also €7 is not that far off the usual ballpark for sushi in Dublin, you can get takeaway boxes from the other shops (such as Sushi King) of roughly the same size for about €8. It’s not like I’m recommending a plate of sashimi that cost 50c. 🙂

  6. There is a place on Aston quay that has ridicously cheap sushi, I don’t recall the name but it is a tiny shop that seems to sell minerals, chocolate, hot deli food and sushi. My flatmate tried it out and some of it appeared to have sliced ham in it….I’m all for food evolving with the context but that is just wrong….

  7. The place accross from the long stone is open again. Its called Yuki House, €5.50 for 8 pieces, €6.50 for 12. Wasabi, soy and ginger are free, and you can pick exactly what you want.

  8. I’m kind of shocked at the people objecting to low-priced sushi. I was absolutely apalled by the price of sushi in Dublin when I came over from Vancouver, BC. Back home, you can get all you can eat maki and sushi for $10, and the quality is far, *far* superior to that of YoSushi (which is, in my opinion, absolutely abhorrent). For the kind of prices you pay at Yo!, you could go to Miyoshi sushi in Burnaby, easily one of the nicest sushi places in Greater Vancouver, pick anything you want off the menu, and stuff yourself silly, probably with a fiver left over.

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that despite rice being cheap and plentiful, and despite the fact that Ireland has a healthy and vibrant fishing industry with loads of fresh fish carted out daily on Moore St, that there just isn’t the demand here to warrant a good quality, budget sushi restaurant. The Epicurean is a pretty decent deal, and I avail of it often, but to truly satisfy my sushi craving, I simply have to go home.

    But yeah, people, seriously, sushi isn’t expensive just because it’s exotic. It’s one of the cheapest meals to make, the only expense is fresh fish, which Ireland has aplenty. Yo! and similar are ripping you off.

  9. Fully agree with Laura – having had more (and good) sushi for cheaper in the US on more than one occasion, I’m reluctant to pay the prices here. I think it’s one of those things that is just ‘expected’ to be expensive in Ireland because it always has been.

  10. I agree, I used to be able to stuff myself silly with excellent quality sushi for next to nothing when I was lucky enough to live near Chinatown in Brisbane and still miss it everytime I’m dissapointed by sushi in Dublin… Only answer, make it yourself!

  11. I agree we are over charged for sushi here. Only good place I have being is akasaka in Castleknock and it’s v expensive. The sushi is good though, would rate it against the states and australia but not against japan :o)

    I believe though that sushi chefs (fully qualified) take about 10 years to train in their field. Plus fish to be eaten raw has to be handled correctly, i.e. no bacteria can come in contact with the fish and it has to be stored at the right temp at all times.
    I will pay more to know I won’t get food poisoning!

    Knowing it’s cheaper and better in the states and australia, though makes a difficult argument for the prices here.

    There’s a new place opposite the Epicurean on Liffey st which has tuna tataki or sashimi bento boxes plus miso soup for 6.50 which is delightful. Try that too. Won’t be visiting Yo sushi, ever.

  12. i miss the old all you can eat aya behind brown thomas yo sushi that replaced it is appallingly bad AND expensive

  13. Yuki House closed by Food |Safety Authority for posing danger to health.

    No such thing as good cheap sushi.

    The $10 all you can eat places I tried in Vancouver sucked too.

  14. Yuki house is d best

  15. Had the Sushi Buffet in NJ, restaurant called.. Minado.. and was excellent ! Great selection of Sushi.. desserts .. Pistachio ice cream machine.. and believe it wasnt more than 25$ / per person..I wish there are in Dublin!

  16. A Sushi box can be found in Dundalk similar to above picture for about the same price as Dublin .

    Anybody who wants to make it themselves will have to spend about €50 to get started plus you will still need to buy smoked salmon , prawn, tinned tuna, avocado, bell peppers, eggs etc…. Go ahead .

    Equipment Needed:
    Bamboo sushi-roll mat
    Clean cutting board
    Sushi knife or very sharp knife
    Roasted-seaweed (Nori)sheets of sushi nori (seaweed in big squares)**
    Rice Cooker(optional)
    Wood spoon or plastic rice paddle for spreading rice
    Plastic wrap
    Rice Ingredients:
    Japanese medium-grain sushi rice*

    Sushi Ingredients Basic:
    lemon juice
    Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
    Soy Sauce
    Pickled Ginger