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Product Review: Killowen Yogurts

bio-liveOne of the most memorable products I sampled at Bloom a few weeks was Killowen’s range of bio-live yogurts. They’ve subsequently become my regular yogurt.

Although bio-live yogurts sometimes look a bit like curdled cheese, they’re extremely delicious and wonderfully good for your digestion and health. Killowen’s yogurts, which come in natural, strawberry, raspberry, fruit of the forest, and hazelnut flavours, don’t look like curdled cheese, and are fantastic: a great creamy yogurt tang with a fine balance of fruit and sugars.

Prices match up well to organic supermarket brands. Not exactly comparing like with like, but it’s €1.82 for Glenisk Organic Natural Low Fat (500 Gram)and €1.70 for 450g of Killowen in SuperValu Wexford. The same SuperValu sells a 125g carton of Killowen for 65c and a one litre family pack for €3.40. Killowen also make Superquinn’s own brand bio-live yogurts: Banana and Blueberry, Fruit, and Honey. These were a real, real treat, and at €1.29 each, very affordable.

Killowen’s yogurts are available in several SuperValu stores (including Wexford town and Deansgrange in south Dublin), Tesco and Dunnes in Wexford town, and several supermarkets in Kilkenny, Carlow and Waterford. In Dublin, you’ll find them in Morton’s Ranelagh and Hatch Street, Fresh in Ringsend and Smithfield… I haven’t had trouble finding them.


  1. i think they also do some yummy desserts ?

  2. In a review of yoghurts being sold in Ireland I would always want to know where the milk comes from. Do Killowen have their own dairy, do they buy Irish milk or imported milk? If they are using Irish milk does it always come from mostly the same suppliers and how local are the suppliers to Killowen.
    These sort of facts are important to me for a few reasons. I never use dairy products that are not Irish sourced because I wish to support Irish farming families however my prime reason is because of incineration.
    I will not use a dairy product that is sourced from an area that has an active incinerator. Dioxins travel up the food chain resulting in the highest levels being found in dairy animals (and human breast milk).
    Sad but true.

  3. @ Scribhneoir

    From their website…

    about Killowen
    Killowen bio-live is premium, award winning and natural. It’s also Ireland’s only yogurt made with the milk from one farm – ours!

    Couldnt be more prominant

  4. Killowen are about as authentic as you can get. Produced by the Dunne family on their own farm, using milk from their own herd. This is one of the best examples of a genuine, top quality, Irish product which is priced competitively against any other branded yogurt you care to mention.