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Specials at Lidl

Lidl LogoThere’s a fine wine sale on at Lidl, but I’m scared: my one experience of Lidl wine involved pouring most of it down the sink. Maybe it was just one bad brand? What’s your experience?

Once again, the special buys this Thursday July 30 are wonderfully random. It’s all diving gear and DIY, including:

  • 1kg ABC Fire Extinguisher – €8.99
  • Powerfix 122 Piece Tool Set – €24.99
  • Neoprene Diving Cap – €8.99

Special buys for Monday August 3 include:

  • Spongebob DVDs – €6.99
  • Fleece Blanket – €4.99
  • Country House Style Cabinet – €79.99

As usual, you’ll find details of Lidl’s weekly food offers here. Some good bargains this week include Copella Apple Juice, Jelly Babies, Beef Burgers, and Washing Powder (speaking of which, is Formil any good?)


  1. I agree on the wine, never found anything good in Lidl. Their really, really cheap S.A. Chenin Blanc is drinkable which is about as positive as I can get about Lidl wines, though I would point out that I haven’t tasted very many of them due to the high % of horrible wines in those I tried.

  2. I tried Formil for about 2 weeks and then went back to my normal washing powder becaust Formil left white streaks of undissolved washing powder on all dark clothes. Drove me mad!

  3. Lidl and Aldi wine both have given me hangovers worthy of a Leonard Cohen song. I have never had experiences like them. I dont buy wine in either, unles they are branded, eg Torres, its not worth the banging headache or the washing machine stomach. There are better wines for the same price.

  4. Sarah, same thing happened with me when I used lidl washing tablets first it used to drive me mad. I’d have to run dark clothes through a second cycle to remove the powder.

    Then instead of putting the tablets in with the clothes I broke them in two and put them in the drawer instead with the fabric softener. Worked a treat from then on.

  5. Formil tablets…give them a miss unless your washing all your clothes at 60 degrees they just leave clumps on your clothes…happend to me washed my black jeans..they ended up with white streaks all over them:(

  6. I’ve recently started used Formil liquid and as far as I can tell it’s no better or worse than my previous brand.

  7. I’m using Formil powder at the moment at 30 degrees and it’s absolutely fine, no better or worse than what I was using before which was Persil or Daz.

  8. Lidl are selling Rosemount for €8.50 at the moment.

  9. I like Lidl, I have one in my home town of Wallington Surrey. I went in there today and brought some goods including a pork joint at £1.99p which I have had before and it was very nice. I have also purchased clothes and shoes in the past including a pair of walking boots which are hard wearing which cost me £14.99P and in milletts a pair much like the Lidl boots were over £30.00P. I think that Lidl is good value for money and their goods are normally of very good quality. Many of my neighbours shop there as well. So I will continue to shop there as I always do.