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Two for One at High End Restaurants

headerIn today’s Irish Times, Conor Pope reports on The G Club, a new initiative from Georgina Campbell that offers reduced price meals to diners in fancy restaurants around the country. For a €75 sign-up fee, G Club members will get a membership card, entitling them to great rates in participating hotels and restaurants. Most of the offers involve getting the least expensive dish of each course knocked off the meal on selected evenings only (so, if there’s two dinners, just pay for one; if there’s three dinners, just pay for two), but there’s also deals such as “stay for two nights B&B and get the third night free.”

So far, restaurants that have signed up to the G Club include Fallon and Byrne, L’Ecrivian, Locks, and Dromoland Castle. I haven’t gone through the full list but I’m far too broke to have eaten in of these places. Boo! Still, I think this is a really attractive offer and a great chance to try out restaurants I couldn’t normally afford. And, as Pope points out, members who use the card just once should get their investment back.

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  1. I has a quick look at the dromoland offer, its very misleading. The Fig Tree is not in the main hotel, its in the clubhouse, around a half mile from the castle.

  2. I’ve looked into signing up for this before but found there were a lot of restrictions on what days the 2 for 1 offers were available. Only being able to use the card Mon – Thurs in a lot of places reduces it’s value considerably. L’Ecrivain for example only have the offer on Mondays!

  3. Definitely makes it slightly less appealing, although I wouldn’t mind going to a really good restaurant mid-week if it meant an affordable chance to try it out.

  4. you should change the “cheap” in “cheapeats” to something else. when was the last restaurant review where mains didn’t cost more than 15€?

  5. Hi,

    I set the G Club up and I am very interested to view your comments, will answer the one by one:

    – Claire – The Fig Tree is indeed in the clubhouse in Dromoland Castle, but it is still part of Dromoland Castle. As a G Club member you can also stay in the castle for €95 per person which is a huge discount on the normal rates.

    – Rachel – the whole idea of The G Club is to encourage diners to visit restaurants during quieter times, it is then win win for both sides. The restaurant get an opportunity to do their stuff and win a customer for peak times and you get a chance to eat off the best menus at vastly reduced prices. Many restaurants are only making money during the weekend and couldn’t possibly offer rates like this to g club members then. At €75 for a year the value is phenomenal, use it just once in many places and you have your money back.

    – Peter – you have hit the nail on the head, why would you have a problem dining in a top restaurant on a Wednesday when you are getting a far better deal!

    Bob Nixon,
    Director, The G Club

  6. This seems very similiar to the Hi Life ( Card they sell at Taste of Dublin every year albeit with a smaller selection of restaurants.

  7. James, in answer to your question, the last eight of ten reviews have had mains under €15. Click
    and see for yourself.

  8. Hi Tully,

    Similar to Hi Life but the quality of restaurants in The G Club is much higher, they have one or two of the restaurants we have.

    The G Club also has accommodation deals that are better value than any advertised rates, Hi Life doesn’t have this.