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Special Offers at SuperValu

SuperValu logoMmm… steak. This week, SuperValu have cut the price of sirloin steak by 33%, from €13.99 per kg to €9.37 per kg.  Spring Leg of Lamb also drops in price by  33%, from €14.49 per kg to €9.71 per kg. Lastly, 24 bottles of Stella Artois is reduced from €23.99 to €17.99. Offers are valid until Saturday August 8.

You can also pick up Family Meal Deals for €7: Pork, Noodles, Sweet and Sour Sauce, and Vegetables, or Chicago Town Pizza with Chips and Garlic Bread.

Lastly, SuperValu have some in-store tastings on Irish brands this Thursday to Saturday. I’ve mentioned before that they’re one of the best places for quality and smaller Irish brands, so this might be a good chance to sample some new foods.

For more details on this week’s offers, click here.

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