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Takeway Review: Yami Thai and Sushi

yamiWow! In Dublin city, there’s takeaways everywhere. Suddenly I’m discovering that my great love for cooking may have been born more out of necessity – living in the middle of nowhere in deep Wicklow – than desire.

Now, living on the South Circular Road, surrounded by eating out and takeaway options and far away from the hills, I suspect I’m going to get very fat.

Sadly, the first of my Dublin city takeaway experiences was a little ho-hum. Yami Thai and Sushi is at 51 Pleasants St, just off Camden St, and we swung by on a frenzied, often heated tour of our local takeaways. Snack Box and I shared a Thai Green Chicken Curry (€8.95) and Chu Chi Salmon, a salmon cube in red curry sauce blended with sweet basil. Both came with rice.

I’ll be lynched for this, but the green curry seemed very suited to unrefined Irish palates. I’m a bit of a spice freak; this was too thick and creamy for me. The chicken and vegetables, however, were high quality. The salmon dish was better, but again, a little too nice and gentle.

I’m not writing off Yami, and I’d be curious to try some of their other dishes, especially the Japanese. So we shall see…


  1. If you’re on the SCR you have to try the Keng Seng in Rialto – they do a paper baked spicy chicken that is to die for!! Seriously, I moved out of dublin 5 years ago and still drop in on the way back to Carlow to get some.

  2. Have you tried the Bu Ali (Indian) on Clanbrassil St? I haven’t tried it recently but it used to be fabulous. First appearances aren’t great but the food that comes out of it will surprise you!

  3. Been meaning to try this place for a while, but have never been tempted enough to walk in the door. Must really try it sometime.

  4. Cannot comment on Bu Ali Indian take away on Clanbrassil St but I’ve always had wonderful food from Konkan Indian restaurant (which also does take away) on the same street.