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Win! Dinner for Two at the M&S Restaurant AND an M&S Voucher

The M&S Restaurant Terrace, Grafton Street

The M&S Restaurant Terrace, Grafton Street


This week, CheapEats has two great prizes to give away, courtesy of Marks and Spencer. One lucky winner will pick up:

  • Dinner for two at the very delicious M&S  restaurant on Grafton Street
  • A €50 M&S gift card.

Jean reviewed the restaurant on CheapEats a few months ago, noting its great value and quality food.

To win these prizes, simply pop a comment in the box below and let us know what you think of the food at M&S.

Enjoy your M&S favourites for longer at the Rooftop Restaurant

With a stretch in the evenings you can now enjoy your favourite food at the M&S Rooftop Restaurant for longer. Every Thursday and Friday until the 20th August you can now relax in the restaurant and enjoy dinner with friends until 10.00pm.

M&S logoFor a great value treat why not try the amazing Dine Out for €12.50 offer. You can choose from a delicious main course like Lasagne al Forno or Chicken Kiev along with a delectable dessert and to wash it all down just choose from a glass of the crisp Pinot Grigio to the Casa Leona Merlot all for just €12.50.

For some family fun bring the kids along and enjoy an evening on the balcony overlooking busy Grafton St. Choose from selected main meals and get one children’s meal absolutely free ensuring smiles all round.

For a special treat in this summer just visit the Rooftop Restaurant at M&S, Grafton St.


  • Don’t email in your answer. Leave a comment on this post using the form below. Emailed answers will not be included in the draw.
  • Please make sure you leave a working email address with your comment (email addresses will not be publicly displayed) so we can contact you for your details.
  • This offer is only open to readers in the Republic of Ireland. Please do not enter this competition if you are outside the Republic of Ireland.
  • Please do not comment more than once, if we see more than one comment from the same address we will delete all your comments and you will no longer be eligible for the competition.  If you have questions about the competition, use our contact form.
  • The competition will close at 1pm on Monday August 17, and the winner will be announced the following day.
  • There is no cash alternative for this prize.


  1. I tried the Dine In meal the last weekend it was on for the first time – I don’t think it quite lived up to the hype (particularly the side – the selection wasn’t great in the store that I was in and none of the vegetables seemed particularly fresh… but I’m not a fan of pre-chopped veg anyway), though the wine and dessert were delicious. That said, I’ll be happy to try it again with another main and side to se how it compares. I would only go into M&S the odd time in general – the food is quite nice, but often to my mind still a bit overpriced compared to what can be gotten (or made) to the same quality for cheaper elsewhere.

  2. Love M&S food. They are conscious of trans-fats and salt levels so their ready meals probably the best standard around. I don’t think they’re as expensive as people say. They have very good offers, such as 3 for 2 or their dine in meal. The selection of wines, cheese and biscuits are divine. Also great for kids treats at Christmas and Easter.

  3. My names Laura & Im addicted to M&S food.. all of it, any of it.. any where… any time.. I just cant get enough!

  4. The food choice and quality is good, with the exception of fish, which should be sourced more locally and not from UK. The layout and visible display of food types is generally poor across all M&S stores, and the layout is changed very regularly resulting in regular shoppers trapesing around the stores looking for produce Food categories should be clearly posted near ceiling levels for easy access.

  5. We’re off to M&S to dine
    The view from the balcony is fine
    the prices make my hubby shine
    Just him and I – romancing time!
    We chill out over our bottle of wine
    But hands off!!!… cos the desserts are mine!!!!

  6. Food food glorious food. Around the corner and mighty good.

  7. yum! love M&S food. have yet to try the restaurant so would love the opportunity, Thanks!

  8. Chicken Ceaser Wraps
    You know how I feel
    Chicken in white wine sauce
    You know how I feel
    OOhh chocolate mousse desserts
    You know how I feel
    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life
    For me
    And I’m feeling good….

  9. Given that i am currently eating an M&S spud gratin, it is safe to assume i would enjoy this prize.

  10. would really love to try your food. Thanks

  11. M&S is sooo good – esp the noodles and prawns. And the lemon tart!! MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. While prices may be dearer you’re always guaranteed a quality product when you shop at M&S. Their €12.50 meal deal has made the current economic climate a little easier to bear for many of us.

    And for those of you who haven’t yet tasted their white chocolate cookies KEEP AWAY – they are fantistically addictive!


  13. i love M&S and have praised it in previous comments particularly the dine in for 2 for 12.50 promotion when its on.

  14. Simply Food Simply MarvelouS!

  15. Moved back to Kerry from Cork 4 years ago and had serious withdrawal from M & S food which was too bad as I could never hardly afford it while I had access to it as I was too broke! To my delight, about a year ago M & S opened in Killarney around 25 miles away, I reckon its worth the trip for the delicious food. I also reckon it would be worth the trip to Dublin to check out the new restauraunt!

  16. Food from M&S is generally guilt-free goodness….the price makes it pleasant to the pocket and the ingredients not just healthy but inspired. It’s a chance to try something you could never make yourself and because M&S do the hard work you save not just money but time – something so precious in these pressured days. If it is a Gastropub style Moussaka or an old style fruit cobbler you only have time for your mouth to water while you wait for the oven to ping.
    As any guy will tell you, it is food for the folk who cannot cook, and for those of us who just need a night off.
    Now what I need is a night out so how about it?

  17. Sure M&S is great. I love going in there to have a ramble around and something always takes my fancy when I’m in there. The last great thing I tasted was their New York deli sandwich. It had lovely pastrami, gherkin, sauerkraut and mustard in it. It tasted just like the real deal.

  18. Great wine selection, stellar quality food and not haven’t visited the rooftop restaurant Im guessing a fine star view

  19. Have to say, the €12.50 deal can’t be beat. My wife and I even ate here for our anniversary! Great views, great atmosphere and great food.

  20. I like how Marks and Spencers can often be comprable and/or cheaper than Dunnes or Tescos, if you catch their specials right.

  21. Love their food, would love this prize even more!
    Great blog by the way

  22. Love the food at M&S, just wish it was closer to home!

  23. M&S put in the extra touch with variety and quality, restaurant quality food at supermarket prices!

  24. Oh the M&S food is just yummy and the Dine in for 2 is on this week..

    I always login check out the menu and decide what I’m going to get…

    Try – the Olive Ciabbata — yummy, the santini tomatoes and any of there salads am addicted to the giant cous cous and wheat berries one – I also tried the Strawberry and Champagne vinagerrete…. just divine.

    Check out the m&s site for some great recipes and wise buy deals.

    Please please pick me!!!

    Just love M&S..!!!!!!

  25. For the first time ever, i tried the M&S dine in deal for 12.50 (thanks to the recommendations on this website!). I couldn’t believe how delicious it was and such good value. I’ll definitely be shopping in M&S again, it’s that extra bit luxurious, with superb quality – big fan 🙂

  26. wonderful M&S food

  27. Love the food at M&S. My latest discovery is Belly of Pork in the meat section. Very cheap and roasts up beautifully. Special mention for Percy Pigs!!

  28. M&S food – excellent, good choice

  29. Planning on a romantic dinner for 2 and putting the baby to bed early thanks to dine in for 2 this weekend.

  30. Food better than homemade

  31. m&s food is the best
    their food is full of zest

  32. I love M&S food, much better than some actual restaurants…. especially their spaghetti Bologna, I’m totally addicted to it.

  33. Love Marks and Spencer food. I go there every week in particular to buy fruit because its much tastier than any other supermarket – at the moment their blueberries, cherries and nectarines are fantastic. Usually splash out a a few ready meals and some of their freshly baked cookies when i’m in there as well.

  34. i can never afford to buy in M&S so this would be a real treat. pick me computer!!!!

  35. I adore Marks and Spencers food, its a real treat for me to shop there and being able to win this meal would be fantastic!

  36. i love M&S, especially the deserts!Yum-o!

  37. Marks and spencer are fab for pick me up food and everyday treats, taking the hassle out of great eating

  38. Marks and Sparks,
    Gets my top marks,
    the tasty food leaves hunger in the dark,
    delicious salads, fruit and veg, dinners for two or solo,
    what’s there not to like?

  39. Going to Dublin in September, it would be great to have a meal in M/S restaurant.

  40. M and S passes the test,
    the nicest food, the greatest zest,
    in gloomy times they are the best,
    and only copied by the rest !

  41. My favourites from M&S are the sea bass and Cava

  42. Always fresh and always original.

  43. oh my god, i am famous amongst family and friends for my obsession with m&s. despite being a poor student and young mother i shop in there a lot.

    i actually find m&s much better value than other supermarkets despite what people say – they constantly have fantastic offers and the food is good quality, nothing gets thrown away. look out for their wisebuys!

    their meatball soup was my main fuel throughout my final degree year. the fruit is impressive, the spicy tomato topped hummous divine, the sicillian lemon cheesecake my daughter’s favourite, coquilles st jacques are my treat, but the best is their prosecco raboso.

    i prefer to spend a little extra to shop somewhere for my daughter where i know the food will not contain artificial flavours, colours, hydrogenated fats, ridiculous levels of salt, battery eggs etc. i heart m&s 🙂

  44. Come on Random Number Generator – pick me!

    M&S Food happens to be uncommonly good. Often difficult to choose among such quality offers.