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Convienience Store Offers



Special offers at Centra currently include:

  • Galaxy Large Bar range – was €2, now €1
  • BirdsEye Sea Side Specials (2’s, 240g) – was €3.59, now €1.79
  • Timotei Shampoo and Conditioner range – half price – was €4.09, now €2.04

Offers are valid until August 15, click here for details. The Timeotei is priced at €2.59 in Tesco, so you can see how much more expensive it would usually be at Centra. Some Centra stores have the weekly madness deal, where you can get a hot filled roll for €1.87. It usually seems busy at lunchtime if I’m inside or passing by.

You can check Spar’s paltry and boring special offers here, and those of Londis (valid until August 23) here.


  1. Spar on Merrion Row (and elsewhere I’m sure) is doing a can of Coke (zero, Diet or regular) + a Twirl/Crunchie for €1. It’s turning me into a sugar fiend.

  2. All Centra offers are nearly identical to Super Valu offers….why spend ages walking around an acre of a store when you can get the same great value in your local Centra…….quickly !!!! By the way, half price on Irish back bacon joints at only €2.99 are a steal in Centra this week.