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  1. I avoid Tesco like the plague even though its one of the closest stores to me, and drive 15kms to my nearest Lidl because of the product range and value. Their almond stuffed olives, uht milk, popcorn, smoked cheese, chargrilled peppers, passata and apple juice are all staples in my house. Their fruit and vegetables are fantastic but the salad bags are a little ropey. I love the fact that they have brand name wine and beer thus avoiding the Aldi/Lidl own brand alcohol lottery not to mention skin care from Dove and Simple.

    My nearest Aldi is 10Kms up the road, but as I have to drive anyway, I prefer Lidl.

    The big shop is from Dunnes in Douglas though with a few occasional treats from Super Valu.

    (How posh is may area that we dont have a discounter on our doorstep! ;D)

  2. After re-reading that, I need to get out more.

  3. I find the quality of goods to be better at Aldi. Both Lild and Aldi are near me, as is Supervalu. Tesco + Dunnes are about 20 miles away from me and if I shop in either, I regret it — prices, vibe of their stores…and quality. I occasionally go to my local Supervalu for items I can’t get at aldi or lidl. Supervalu prices are competitive with Aldi and Lidl on some fruit and veg now…but it depends on the day.

  4. I found Aldi food to be much better quality – while in Lidl there were foods that I found unusuable it never happened in Aldi. Also (maybe it’s not important for most but it is for me) some of Lidl packaging is really hideous 🙂 Aldi has much better selection of “gourmet” foods including Specially Selected lines. For me there is no comparison between the two.

  5. I should add that I dont buy premium ranges from discounter because I buy meat from a butcher and low fat yoghurts so Lidl suits me better.

  6. Parking-wise our local Aldi/Lidl are much of a muchness, though the Aldi in Rathmines I don’t like at all.

    We start our weekly shop in Aldi and then over the road to Tesco for our milk and yogs of the brands we prefer. We have a Lidl also just down the road, swamped for choice, but I prefer Aldi – just more used to it I suppose, also I find the quality of their fruit and veg is better, Granny Smith apples for example are yum! and we live on their Special 6 every month…good reason for thinking up different dinners! I prefer Aldi sliced brown bread, wraps, naan breads, pain au lait, pasta, cottage cheese, ham, etc but always go to Lidl for their red pesto, ginger nuts, chorizo, frozen veg mix, t-rolls and yeast bread mixes. Another reason for Aldi is a large percentage of their meat and dairy products are Irish, whereas in Lidl they’re not.

  7. Which of the 2 discounters gets their fruit and veg locally? I remember Richard Corrigan being very sniffy about one of them as they do not buy ANY fruit and veg in Ireland, but he did not say which one!

  8. I shared a car a few weeks back with someone who happened to work for LIDL in their offices. She’s done numerous taste tests comparing ALDI and LIDL products.

    Guess what? She actually admitted that ALDI products kept coming out on top in their tastings i.e. in internal LIDL tastings.

    That says a lot, I reckon……

    Ollie Moore

  9. I find Aldi the best. Who would taught you can get Shredded Wheat for 1.49 euros than paying over 3.40 or more in main supermarkets. I have try both Aldi and Lidi. Aldi works for me. I live near the Listowel, Kerry. Aldi and Lidi have come there, amazing how they got planning permission and Tesco didnt……………………………

  10. I’m a supermarket slut, not loyal to any particular supermarket. I tend to shop between Superquinn, local independent supermarket which is very good, Tesco when I’m stuck and occasionally Aldi.

    I have a Lidl on my doorstep but the quality is very poor so I drive past it to Aldi which is far superior. I actually find the bigger supermarkets own brand better and cheaper than Lidl.

    I used to shop in my local big Tesco that’s just over the road from me but now I drive past it to Superquinn when it’s much better value and far superior quality.

  11. As for fruit and veg, a lot of the veg from Aldi comes from Ireland – cucumber, parsnips, carrots, mushrooms, cabbages, potatoes, but I do think that some of the Lidl stuff is Irish too – might be wrong..but at least their mushrooms are!

  12. hi claire, im also a supermarket slut. Im glad someone else shares my difficulties in choosing supermarkets :/

  13. Sorry claire, wrong slut :/

  14. SuperValu Real Food Real people