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  1. Get takeaway quite regularly, have never had a bad experience. Must eat in some time.

  2. I’ve had takeaway from there a few times too – really liked it. Felt it was much better value than Bombay Pantry (which I also really like but it’s too expensive in these recessionary times!). Have to go for a sit down meal sometime soon.

  3. I am a recent fan of Indian food. As a veggie their options are so so varied. But I’m never sure of the total price ie if nann or rice is included in the main meal. What is usually the norm?

  4. Rice and Naan aren’t usually included Laine unless it is some sort of early bird menu

  5. Where is Konkan?

  6. 46 Upper Clanbrassil Street Dublin 8, (near Harolds Cross Bridge) Phone: 01 4738252. Check it out, it’s great.