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Calling All Cooks

logo_rteoneThe good folk at RTE’s The Afternoon Show have been in touch to let us know about a new segment on the programme: Beat the Chef.

They’re looking for viewers who fancy going up against the show’s chefs with their favourite dish. For example, if you do a mean moussaka or a cheese cake, their chef will bake his version alongside yours on the live show. Then, both versions will be blind taste tested.

The new feature will run throughout September: Wednesday 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. It should be a fun day out in the studio and a good chance for any budding chefs to put their skills to the test. I might even give it a shot myself…

If you’re interested, email or contact food researcher Corrina on 012084611. I spoke to her yesterday and she was really nice and friendly, so I’m sure they’ll take good care of you.

Let us know if any of you go for it, and how you get on!


  1. No thanks, Im afraid of the shouty red head.

  2. It’s not clear yet who will be the presenter of this show, it all seems up in the air, and RTE won’t make an announcement on it…

  3. Bring back Thelma and Derek! They may as well, its the 80s again.