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Weekly Roundup

Weekly RoundupThat’s all folks. Yet again we threw boxes of pigeons among you cats and legged it away: this week we debated good and bad sandwich making, whether chopsticks have a place at the dinner table, the price of sugary drinks, and the officious, self-serving stupidity of professional finger-waggers Meas, an issue I’ve had to restrain myself on…

Meanwhile, Jean got all posh with Crab Linguine, and I found one of the greatest deals ever at Waterstone’s Reader’s Cafe on Dawson Street.

Lastly, don’t forget that discount grocery warehouse CheepCheep is having a massive clearance sale. Everything is reduced to an extremely cheap price, and the sale ends tomorrow Saturday August 29.

We’ll be back next week with a great competition from Milano. Have a wonderful weekend!

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