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Tents and Festival Gear at Lidl

Lidl LogoElectric picnic-goers can head to Lidl and stock up on tents and essential festival gear. This Thursday’s specials include:

  • Ladies Rain Jacket – €12.99
  • Picnic Blanket – €7.99
  • 6-man tent – €99.99

Don’t worry if you miss the Electric Picnic. Sure, you can always spend your Monday buying crap, like:

  • Silvercrest Foot Spa – €19.99
  • Miomare Wellness Accessories – €1.99
  • Cyber Look Reading Glasses – €2.99

Wellness Accessories? Cyber Look Reading Glasses? What the -?

There’s a very odd “Saturday Sale” where Lidl are selling household items, supposedly at a reduced price. But reduced from what? They never sell these items, so who sets the original price? Hmmm… Well, I hum and haw, but in any case they’re reasonably cheap.

Oh, and as usual, you’ll find all the weekly food offers at Lidl here. Remember, there’s a new set every Monday.


  1. I’ve been waiting for a nice cheap breadmake to crop up. I’m thinking about getting this one Has anyone every bought one from Lidl before?

  2. If you’re going to the electric picnic, DO NOT buy your tent from Aldi/Lidl. They are a nighmare to assemble; too many bits and pieces and they never collapse properly. On the upside, they are waterproof, unlike the €25 wendy houses that Dunnes sell.

  3. Oh no, that sounds terrible! Lidl: for tent connoisseurs only, so it seems.