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€10 lunch in Salamanca, Dublin 2

salamanca-steakThe Spanish restaurant Salamanca has been on Andrew St in Dublin 2 for a number of years, but I never got around to trying it until a couple of weeks ago.  My lovely friend Catherine and I went to try out their lunch special. You can have a main and a tea/coffee for €10, or add a dessert for another €3. The choices include plaice and chips, steak and potatoes, salmon, tuna salad or a chicken enchilada.

We both went for the steak and potatoes, and it was really good: tasty steak, cooked properly with very good crispy roast potatoes.  The pepper sauce didn’t have enough pepper in it, but otherwise it was a really excellent main for such a low price.  The follow-up coffee was very good quality as well.

Salamanca also have a few special offers on tapas at the moment: €10 for two tapas dishes with a glass of wine, €10 for three tapas, and €18 for six tapas.  Can any of you recommend the evening meals or tapas in Salamanca?


  1. I checked out the menu recently when looking for somewhere for tapas and thought it was very expensive compared to the nearby Port House. We went to the latter and had a great – and great value, I think – evening

  2. While the menu is more expensive than the Port House, The portions are much more substantial. Portions are really more akin to a lunch-sized portion than the standard tapas portion and you get away with ordering far less than in most tapas restaurants. I’ve always found the food there delicious and I will be checking out the evening tapas offer.

  3. @Rach – ok, that explains it, but doesn’t that negate the idea of tapas? The reason we wanted tapas was because we WANTED to order a lot of dishes to share and taste.

  4. Yeah I agree with you Steve, it isn’t really conducive to sharing lots of different dishes. I have major issues with sharing my food though so it works for me!

  5. I’ve been for tapas in the evening a few times and always come away very happy.

  6. the GAMBAS AL PIL-PIL is just lovely here.. my favorite anyway