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Lunch in Koh, Dublin 1

koh-lunch01I’ve reviewed Koh here before – it’s a Thai restaurant in Dublin’s Italian Quarter, and I had very good things to say about the food and the excellent service.  I had a Saturday afternoon late lunch there recently, and it was so nice that I thought it was worth posting about again.

I went with my lovely friend Pauly, and he opted for a red curry with duck.  This very well prepared red curry was €11, which is a pretty good saving on their evening price.

koh-lunch02I ordered from a special lunch menu – three light bites for €12.  There’s a decent amount of choice, and I went for fish spring rolls, a Tom Kha Gai (delicous coconut and chicken soup) and their ribs, which came highly recommended by the waiter. All were very good, and while each may have individually been a light bite, they made for a very satisfying meal when they came together.  It’s also a good way to try a few different things and not have to commit to one main course, if you’re that way inclined.

Recommended for a lunchtime treat.

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  1. I can recommend their Toblerone cocktails!