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Special Offers at Dunnes

sunday-ad-130909An ad on Tesco’s website last week compared their new cut prices with those at Dunnes. Not surprisingly, Tesco highlighted those where they cost less.

This week, Dunnes are advertising more of their price cuts. I’m working off memory, but it seems like Dunnes have reduced the same items as those I saw in Tesco’s ad, and to around the same price. How low will the big four (Tesco, Dunnes, SuperValu, Superquinn) go?

Some current specials at Dunnes include:

  • Donegal Catch Omega Fish Fingers (300g) / Green Isle Waffles 8s plus 50% extra free/ Green Isle Mushy Peas (750g) – all for €5
  • Cadbury 5-pack range – any 3 for €4
  • Fruice 100% Orange/ Apple Juice – €1

Some offers are valid until Sunday September 20 and some until Tuesday September 29. Click here to see them all.


  1. Let them keep fighting each other all day long as it can only be good for us! Bout time they bloody did something!

  2. Yeah, but look at the crap thats being discounted; waffles and fish fingers! Hardly nutritious.

    In Cork, I have seen Tesco ads comparing their prices to Superquinn. The nearest SuperQuinn is on the Dublin side of Limerick!