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Special Offers at Superquinn

winesalecorporateland945x534Superquinn has taken a bit of a bashing since SR Holdings bought out Fergal Quinn. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that it’s gone downhill, that the extra element of quality and good service which justified their higher prices is gone and that, well, it’s a bit pointless now.

Sure, quality did dip at first. But Superquinn have upped their game by renovating most of their shops in recent years. I think that they’ve become much more pleasant places now, both in terms of layout and quality of product; unlike Tesco, you don’t feel that you’re wandering around a sterile dystopia being filmed by futuristic aliens (anyone else ever feel that, no?)

On the other hand, the last National Consumer Price Agency grocery price survey found that Superquinn was €8.33 more expensive for an average basket of groceries than Superquinn. Might not sound like a lot, but at the moment, almost €40 a month can make a big difference in some households.

I’d be unlikely to do my big weekly shop at Superquinn, although not because of the €8.33 difference – I think Superquinn’s quality makes it worth the few extra euro. No, it’s because there’s too many delicious luxury items to resist buying. I can’t resist, so big weekly shops in Superquinn have always cost me too much.

Love popping in occasionally for some nice bread, cheeses, juice (one of the best not from concentrated juices on the market, and one of the cheapest, in my humble opinion), deli food, and various products from small producers such as Killowen yogurt. Now I’m finding some of their special offers quite tempting. This latest set is valid until Tuesday September 29, and includes:

  • Half Price Chateau La Perriere 75cl (as part of a French wine sale) – now €9
  • Superquinn Croissants 4 pack – was €2.99 now €1.99
  • Irish Meal Deal: Superquinn Bacon Joint (750g), Superquinn Oileán potatoes (2.5kg), Superquinn Cabbage – all for €8, save €4.57

Plenty more to see. Have a look here. What do you think of Superquinn?

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  1. Like you, I tend to avoid SQ for my weekly shop. Even if you stick to essentials, it does cost more than other supermarkets. But lately, their special offers are getting better and they do stock lots of nice gourmet-type items.