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  1. Being charged 18 euros for simple pasta (no fancy smoked salmon, truffle shavings or anything there). Being charged for bread (a staple on most european tables – for free). Being charged 3.5 euros for a coffee. Being charged for sides when the main course is already above the 20 euros mark. Being charged 8 euros for a bottle of water. Not being offered tap water. One of my worst experience was in a restaurant which is now closed (only got what they deserve!) where I was given a slice of white sliced bread topped with tinned mushrooms and pompously called “bruschetta”. At 7 euros, I nearly chocked when I saw the plate….

  2. ah ah ah, what did I say? I’ve just been charged 3.50 for a (very small and not even good) cappuccino. In fairness, it was priced at 2.70, but an extra 80 cents were added for being decaff… The cheek of them!