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  1. Thing I found about this the last time was that the menus were very limited when you got there – they weren’t advertised in advance of arriving at the restaurant either. Selection was quite poor and we ended up eating off the main menu which kinda defeated the purposes of the week for us. I wouldn’t bother with it again. I prefer to check out my menu on before I dine to make sure my now less frequent dinners out are what I want to eat.

  2. At least you have some attempt at value Alun. Theres nothing like that in cork.

  3. I agree and don’t mean to sound picky. Although I did hear that there is good value for kids in Cork next week – there’s a promotion by Parentline that I heard mentioned on the radio today where kids eat for free – Cheap Eats more on this please and I will swear I’m 3 years of age….