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Kick that cold to the kerb

Kick that cold to the kerb

This year, I had an evil chest infection that would NOT go away. I am not normally ill, so lurching around feeling like my days were numbered really got me down. After trying all the usual weaponry – antibiotics, bedrest and weeping – my sister, over from New York to visit, imparted her solution. Garlic soup. Garlic soup so garlicky you could kill any nearby teen vampires with one single sickly sigh. This is what you need:

  • Chicken Stock (I just use 10 chicken wings, bay leaf, carrot, onion and simmer for a decent period)
  • A bunch of Thyme
  • 3-4 Entire heads of Garlic


Simmer the garlic and thyme in the stock for 30 mins until soft. Take out the thyme and garlic, keep the garlic aside. When cool, squash out the inside of the cloves and add back to the soup. Purée with a hand blender.

To finish, add some chopped greens and simmer for a few minutes, then add some grated parmesan and chopped ham. For an extra fancy-schmancy finish (and this is delicious) add a soft poached egg on top of each serving, floating on top of the soup.

*Tip: Do the poached eggs separately and keep them in a bowl of warm water until just before you serve.

Now, even if you think this all sounds un peu disgusting, you must try it. It is utterly, utterly yummy. And feed it to anyone who looks vaguely flu-ey.

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  1. Oh yeah – that sounds SO good, thanks for the recipe! Can’t wait to give the teen vampires a fright – great added bonus!