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  1. There is nothing more condescending than the term “down the country”.

  2. Hahahaha “down the country” – classic. If you’re from down the country you may know an Aisling. In fact, you might even be an Aisling. More details here:

  3. I’m from ‘down the country’ and rather than being offended I am pleased that we are not completely ignored as we usually are by those who think Ireland consists of Dublin 🙂

  4. Hi Claire – I’m actually from down the country myself. I’ve already been corrected about that comment today, but because I should have said “up the country” for having mentioned Sligo and Donegal.
    Can’t keep everyone happy I suppose.

  5. I thought it was ‘down the country’ and ‘up to Dublin’ no matter where you are?

    Great website, by the way. Any chance of a ‘down the country’ category, or – better still – county by county?

  6. Hi Tammi. Cheers for the lovely feedback. If you click on the Restaurants button at the top of the page you’ll see a breakdown of restaurants county by county. It’s not as comprehensive as we’d like but the team is all Dublin and Wicklow based so it does reflect a certain Pale bias! We’re hoping to expand to cover cheap meals out in other counties. While we do review a few restaurant reviews in most weeks, CheapEats has more of a focus on recipes, shopping and cooking tips, food news, events, and so on – that’s where we hoping we can deliver something different to the other food websites out there.

  7. As a Donegaller I’d say ‘down to Dublin’. Can’t say I’m particularly offended by ‘down the country’ in any case.

  8. Thanks for the great piece Diarmuid! I think I know the Japanese restaurant in Blackrock, was it called Ayumi-ya?

  9. That’s the place, Jean. Racked my brains when writing the piece originally but it just wouldn’t come to me.

    Used there be an Ayumi-ya on Merrion Row as well? Just on the corner near Baggot Street?


  10. From down the country myself! I get so fed up with trying to sound right with everyone, I now please myself!
    So when I come to Dublin, I am ‘up for the day’ and glad to get back down for the rest of the time.

    which reminds me, I was planning a trip to Ennis on the CIE website…and I wanted to go 1st class for the first part of the journey – what a hoot that site is – in the end, almost an hour later, I was able to book it with the sales lady on the phone for €20 cheaper, but I had to go back online to upgrade the standard ticket at a cost of 20 Euro, rather than book the first class ticket online for 70 euro. Here is the most damning part of the site, when I logged in each time, the fare was available, then it was not, then it was…etc.etc. So if you have lots and lots of time, you can save money. The sales lady agreed that was what she would do too to save money. Holy moly!

  11. If you are ‘down’ in Kerry, try Paddy’sCottage restaurant near Camp. Lovely food, served with a smile. Very good 15 euro 3-course special.

  12. I agree the term “down the country”, is extremely condesending. It’s like Dub’s can’t even be bothered to identify the name of the place they have been, as in their opinion Dublin is all that matter’s, and the rest of the Country is one homogenous area called “down the country”. And don’t even get me started with the fact that mainstream media in Ireland accept the term “culchie” for people who are from the Country in Ireland. It’s almost racist.

  13. bill – its probably no more racist than the amount of disdain – or suspicion – that the title ‘Dub’ generates outside the Capital!