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  1. I have complained twice to the NCA regarding sale prices in two different stores. Both times I have had proof of the “sale” prices being the same as the original prices and both time have been told that there is nothing they can do to penalise the retailer and it is up to me to negotiate with the vendor. Whats the point in having a watchdog with no teeth?

  2. All very nicely written and civil, but when will the average Joe ever be able to prove these things are going on?? Are we suppose to do undercover work?

  3. My examples were very easily proved. It involved wallpaper, both samples given to me by the stores in question had the price written on the back along with the date. Both price and date were written by the shop assistants, not me. The NCA still didn’t want to know.

  4. I know what you mean. What to do in such a situation all seems a bit vague. What they did say is that if it isn’t just a genuine pricing error on behalf of the vendor and it appears suspicious, then the consumer should negotiate with the vendor and come to an agreement.

    Do you think that it was a genuine mistake in each of the stores or were they attempting to con the customer?

  5. It was a total con job. I went to specifically buy the wallpaper in the sale two weeks later only to discover that the sale price was exactly the same as the original price. There was a sticker on the rolls saying 22.50 reduced to 16.50 but the price always was 16.50.