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Cheese eggs!

I have been quietly proud of the helpful tips that we provide here on CheapEats, but today found this website that leaves us in the shade.  Real life Top Tips from magazines are collected here, and I’ve pulled out a few of the best food-related ones for your delectation:

[All images from Hero of Switzerland]

There are many, many more.  This might be the best thing on the entire internet.


  1. My search is over. The internet has given up its best site, where can it go from here?

    I LOVE those top tips. They crack me up. Not to mention the Viz versions.

  2. the toothpaste one has to be a hoax!

  3. That toothpaste one made me queasy. I’d like to give Gemma there €2 for a packet of Soft Mints.

  4. The Paperweight made from a Donegal beach stone covered in wrapping paper looks worryingly real….

  5. I like the “turn a tampon into a scary ghost” one! How literally terrifying!

  6. Sarah, I know what you mean about the mints. You’re having a dinner party but you won’t shell out for a small box of After Eights?

  7. Thanks for the link, that website has given me the best laugh. The toothpaste one is just eww. My friends would disown me if I served them up sliced frozen toothpaste and rightly so.

  8. I’m not sure about the pizza one. It looks gross, and who is Mike X anyway? He sounds sinister. Is he related to Malcolm?