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  1. Have recently discovered Kanum just off Baggot Street (Mespil Road, I think).
    Great Thai food – like Saba but not as dry, like Diep but not as ‘sauce-y’ and hotter than an obese man’s undies after a session in a bouncy castle in the Sahara.
    They do a noodle soup for 6.50 that is the size of a dinner. Lovely place.

  2. The hotter the better please. Nice analogy too; really makes me want to eat, yum.

  3. The price of singapore noodles doesn’t sound that high, especially when compared to the prices the late, great Pete McCarthy paid for this dish as he travelled around Ireland about 10 years ago!

  4. I’ll second Kanum – it has replaced Diep at Home for us as place of choice for takeaway thai food. Their house noodles cost €2.50 and are a meal in themselves, also their aromatic duck pancakes are delicious!