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The Worst Swizz Ever

Right now, I’m in Charlois airport, just outside Brusells, and I’m bloody thirsty.

As with every airport, you can’t bring liquids past security. Fair enough. Only the absolute bastards at this airport have seen this as an opportunity to swizz and fleece their customers. You can buy a bottle of Coca Cola’s Vittel water for the obnoxious price of… €3.30. There’s no other option. They won’t even give me tap water.

This is just about the worst swizz I have ever seen anywhere – it makes the bad old days of the Celtic Tiger pale into comparison. I declined with all the politeness I could muster. Sickening.

Have you come across a worse swizz?


  1. Lanzarote airport caught myself and my girlfriend by surprise.
    We waited until Duty free to buy booze to bring home and were a bit stunned to find it at 2/3 times the normal price for the island.
    I was thinking litre bottle of spanish rum. Instead I could barely afford a bottle of water.

  2. Dublin Airport (of all places) was strangely reasonable this summer.
    They had 2 litre bottles for 20 euro, and 1 litre volvic for 1.50 (or maybe 2.00).
    The cafeteria food is still:
    a) overpriced
    c)poorly served with condiments

  3. I spent 7 months working in Brussels last year and flew home regularly through Brussels airport and, to a lesser degree, Charleroi.

    Both airports are extremely overpriced, and a 500 ml bottle of water cost over €3 in Brussels Airport.

  4. I can beat all of the above; €5 for a coffee in Zakynthos airport.

  5. Malaga airport prices:

    Water 500 mls €3.50
    Plastic Sandwich €6.95
    Walkers Crisps (Small bag) €2.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Twix Bar (58 g) €2.50….
    Plastic hamburger €14.50 – for JUST the hamburger in a bun.

    we decided to starve rather than pay these prices.

  6. I feel terrible for you all, i was waiting in palma airport in majorca and went to buy coffee and caca milis for my daughter and me. the counterhand mistook me for spanish when i said ola. 2 coffees and 2 cakes cost me 5 euros. my friend who clearly looks irish paid 12.95 euros for same order for herself and her daughter. my 500mls of water was very expensive at 1euro even.