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Minestrone Soup at the Good Mood Food Blog

Photo copyright: Good Mood Food

Photo copyright: Good Mood Food

Various readers and I have recently been bemoaning the difficulty of getting decent minestrone soup – in a happy coincidence, Donal Skehan of the Good Mood Food Blog has just published a really great-looking recipe for that exact dish.  Donal adds paprika for spice: a great move as minestrone really benefits from a bit of heat.

Anyone near Grafton St at 6.30pm this evening should pop into Dubray Books for the launch of Donal’s cookbook, also called Good Mood Food.  Full details are available on Donal’s blog.

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  1. Speaking of food blogs and websites, one of my favourite (if not favourite) blog, Bock the Robber, has been doing some cracking recipes of late. Simple, cheap, and lacking measurements, they’re easy to follow and look only gorgeous. Check out Bock’s pork ribs for a start: