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Eating Out With Kids: A National Guide

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  1. Ooooh, thank you so much for this!!! I never had any problem bringing my baby, and later toddler, to restaurants and cafes, but I always find the kids menus so bad. We usually order a main course each with an extra plate and share ours with her. But she has a growing appetite and I would love to find something else than bangers and chips / chicken nuggets and chips on offer. I remember asking in a posh Malahide café what was on offer for kids, the waitress said “sausages and chips”. When she saw my long face, she quickly added that we could swap the chips for mash….
    What is it with parents / restaurants that kids only eat junk food?

  2. I wouldn’t mind if the chips were proper home made ones cooked in olive oil, kind of like mini potato skins with a bit of fibre, but they are usually frozen fries with no nutritional merit at all!

  3. We have often asked for a half portion of a main course (at half the price) for our younger kids and most of the time the restaurant has obliged. I don’t know why they don’t advertise this option more.

  4. Good idea Tammi. The best children friendly restaurant we ever visited was in Belgium: they ticked all the boxes, with plastic plates and tublers, kids size cutlery, a corner with books, coloring and games, and the menu was down sized adult offers like grilled fish with rice and vegs. I am yet to find one here, in a country that has so many children

  5. This is brilliant Jill, thanks a million. I have a three year old and will definitely be trying out some of these places. One thing though – I don’t agree with letting children run around restaurants, I think it’s dangerous for the kids and a nuisance for the staff. Restaurants with play areas are a great idea though.

  6. I know what you mean, Jean, about letting kids run about restaurants – we meant that sometimes kids do that unprompted and it’s nice if the wait staff don’t frown at them. Talking about the toddler variety of kids here who generally shoot off before you get a chance to warn them!

  7. Dun Laoghaire scores well for kids – Mao have a menu for kids that includes nasi without chillis, fish and rice, chicken satay and mild chicken curry… Oliveto does very plain pasta with tomato sauce or pizza. When my little girl went to look at the pizza oven, the chef gave her a piece of dough to play with – scores well with Mammy! Milano is great for kids with colouring pages and lids on the beakers…
    We usually go for a family meal straight after work on a Friday and the kids love it. I find eating early is good for everyone – the kids aren’t too tired and other diners don’t expect peace and quiet before eight o’clock.

  8. I really love the picture of the child – it’s sometimes scary how messy they can be – but as a loving parent, you probably don’t mind…

  9. I grew up in Ireland and return to visit with my kids. My youngest is a “heart” kid and has a pretty healthy nutrition plan. Chips are totally out. As are very salty foods. We ignored the kids meals in Ireland completely, just asked for an extra plate and dished him healthy choices from our plates.
    The only time we did not do that was a funny experience. It was X and Chips, we asked for X leave out the chips. “But it comes with it!”, the woman said. “I don’t mind at all paying for it” I said. “Just don’t put the chips on the plate, we just want X”. “But your paying for it, ” she kept saying. “Yes, serve it to another customer if that works for you”, we suggested. It was beyond her that a child couldn’t eat chips. Such mean parents we are:)