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Special Offers at Aldi

aldi lobster1. Have Aldi really been in Ireland for 10 years? Starting today, they’re offering ten products at €10 each, including:

  • Sandwich Toaster
  • 28cm Stir-fry Wok Pan
  • Digital Kitchen Scales

Some pretty good offers there. Click here to see them all. I think I’ve worn a hole in my wok, although I did have it for about five years. But will the new one have staying power?

2. The current Super6 at Aldi offers the usual good value: iceberg lettuce for 59c, cherry vine tomatoes for 99c, parsnips for 69c. Click here to see them all.

3. There’s some fishy special buys on offer from today, such as:

  • Whole Canadian Lobster – €7.99
  • Specially Selected North Atlantic Sea Scallops – €5.99
  • Lock Etive Trout Roasting Joint – €5.99

I’m very tempted to leave my conscience at the door and go for the cheap lobster with the massive carbon footprint. How often do you find lobster at that price? I wonder if it’s any good. If anyone has any ideas for what to do with this cheap lobster, please share them here!

One Comment

  1. I bought that lobster once. It was teeny tiny and not very tasty at all. Not worth it really, it just made me want real lobster even more. I used this recipe and it turned out lovely.